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Why are brand name drugs more expensive? Why brand - name drugs cost more than generic drugs According to the FDA, generic medications can cost, on average, 80 to 85 percent less than the brand - name equivalents. Brand - name drugs are typically more expensive because of the higher initial costs to develop, market, and sell a brand -new drug.
How do beta blockers help with hyperthyroidism? How do beta - blockers help treat hyperthyroidism ? These medications don't change the amount of thyroid hormone in your body, but they can help you feel better by controlling your symptoms. Beta - blockers affect the way thyroid hormone acts on your body. They're most often used to treat high blood pressure.
What does Carbimazole do to your body? About carbimazole Antithyroid medicines like carbimazole are used to treat an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), which is also known as thyrotoxicosis. It works by reducing the amount of thyroid hormones which your thyroid gland makes.
How long can you live with Graves disease? This eye condition usually lasts 1 to 2 years and often improves on its own. GO can occur before, at the same time as, or after other symptoms of hyperthyroidism develop. Eye problems sometimes develop long after Graves ' disease has been treated, but this happens rarely.
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