Simple ways to control pollution

How to Control Pollution

Our atmosphere is getting polluted day by day by various reasons such as growing industries, emissions of harmful gases from vehicles, chemical wastes and deforestation. It has become necessary to take necessary actions for reducing this pollution since it is causing tremendous health problems. Whatever you do it has a direct impact on your environment. If you become aware and take right action against pollution you can bring a big change in preserving the environment.

Here are some ways on how you can reduce pollution:

1) If you are using pesticides or fertilizers for your plants then ensure that they are organic and disposable. Similarly, the detergent and soaps which are using should not consist large amount of bleach and phosphates.

2) Avoid pouring fats like ghee and oil or food particles in the kitchen sink as these may block the drainage system. Do not dump tissue papers, drugs, cigarette butts or pills in the toilet.

3) You can always go for car pool or bike pool to reduce air pollution. With lesser cars on the road, the presence of carbon in the air gets reduced. Go for regular servicing of car and keep it in regular use. You can choose a public transport, bicycle ride or walk instead of vehicle which will help to reduce petrol cost as well as pollution.

4) Always stick to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Recycle things like old phones, ink cartridges, batteries and gadgets instead of throwing or burning them. Do not burn the dry leaves from your garden. You can use dead leaves, food waste and other scraps from your garden for making compost. Do not throw your pet’s waste anywhere, dispose it at a proper place.

5) Carry a jute or cotton bag whenever you go outside for buying any stuff. In this way you will minimize the use of plastic bags.

6) Plant trees around your house to get fresh air around. You can gift plant saplings on birthdays instead of toys. It will inculcate a responsibility amongst kids regarding environment.

7) Register with some online recycle website where you can sell your old products for recycling. Always buy organic food as it has negligible amount of pesticides. Buy ecofriendly bags, shoes, idols, decorative pieces for your house.

8) Make minimum use of paper for transactions. You can make all your transactions online using credit card. It will save the paper which in turn will save tress.

9) Create a page on social media for awareness about pollution control. Join hands with some NGO which can give you better knowledge about how to preserve our nature.

10) Celebrate environment day in schools, work place or in your area with enthusiasm. You can organize awareness programs or invite environmentalists for a guest lecture. You can conduct plays, dance, songs based on this theme to make your kids aware about nature.