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Home-made fertilizers for your garden

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Fertilizers enhance the productivity of food items grown in your farm or garden. When chemical fertilizers are used they can spoil the natural qualities of soil and water. They consists of synthetic substances containing nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium in higher concentration. These Chemical fertilizers work very fast but they cause adverse effects on plants as well as end products. Over fertilizing can burn the leaves or attract unwanted pests due to rapid growth of plants.

The food items prepared from the end products are consumed by consumers which can cause health disorders like cancer, heart attacks, brain hemorrhage. If organic fertilizers are used for plants they cause no farm to the farms since they are made out of animal and plant waste. These fertilizers are bio-degradable, less expensive and can be prepared easily. They help to maintain the natural fertility of soil since they do not disturb the structure of soil.

Here are some easy ways to make fertilizers at home:

1) Banana: Instead of throwing banana peel in a dustbin make use of this peel for compost. Banana peel can be added to soil for making an effective compost. Being organic it can easily get decomposed in the soil. Moreover by adding banana peel you are giving extra nutrients like potassium, calcium, Sulphur to your soil. You can cut banana peels into small pieces and add them directly to the soil which is rather slow process. Adding banana peel to compost pile can give faster results.

2) Egg Shells: Many people are unware of the fact that egg shells can help plants to grow fast. You can use them to get fresh and healthy fruits. Egg shells contains higher percentage of calcium carbonate and other minerals like sodium, potassium, iron etc. in considerable amount. All you need to do is just wash egg shells and crush them and add them to the soil where you have planted your tomatoes or other herbs. Egg shells when spread on the soil also work as pesticides for your garden since snugs and snails and other worms get a cut while walking on them.

3) Coffee ground: Coffee ground is another kitchen scrap that can be recycled and used by gardeners for rose plants. White Vinegar when mixed with water and added to soil provides acid to soil helping rose plants to grow. You can also sprinkle fresh coffee grounds on the soil surface to make it more fertile. Plants like carrots and radishes get highly benefited by fresh coffee grounds. Coffee ground can also help to keep cats away from your plants, at the same time these work best for worms like earth worm present in the soil. You can also add used tea leaves for plants like roses and tomatoes to get a better yield.

4) Fish tank water: Many of us have fish tanks at home which need regular cleaning. Usually people throw this water in drainage but this water can be used to fertilize your plants. Fish tank water has high percentage of ammonia, phosphorous and potassium that are very important for growth of plants. Do not add salt water or water containing any chemicals to the plants as it can harm the plants. Similarly if the fish tank water is very dirty or muddy avoid using it for plants.

5) Cooking water: Water used for boiling vegetables or eggs contains high amount of nutrients. Similarly leftover water of cottage cheese or hung curd can be used as fertilizing agent for your plants. You can use this water for your plants instead of throwing it in drain.

6) Vegetable Scrap: Fruit and vegetable scraps can be cut into small pieces and added to soil for rapid growth of plants. Dead leaves should not be burnt instead they should be stored and then added along with manure to plants. Similarly dead flowers can also be added to the soil for making it more fertile. Other organic materials such as saw dust, weeds, newspapers, paper rolls, nut shells, rugs etc. can be also be recycled and used as manure for your plants