How to keep your environment clean

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Famous artist Marina Abramovic has rightly quoted that, “We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself - your own house - which we never do”. Cleanliness is not the responsibility of any country’s government alone. Every individual should consider it as his/her prime duty and take proper actions for maintaining it. It is a good thing that many organizations and institutions are supporting our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s campaign called “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”. Schools and colleges are promoting cleanliness by conducting various activities like essay competition, drawing contests, elocution contest on cleanliness. Students are encouraged to clean their school premises, classrooms, labs etc. At many places school staff along with students are travelling to nearby villages and localities to make people aware about cleanliness. They are also helping villagers in waste segregation and in setting up waste management systems.

Everyone should understand that to have a bright prospect of our country it is very important for us to keep our house, society and country clean. Being citizens of India it is our responsibility to preserve the heritage of our country. We should preserve our historic monuments and not allow anyone to scribble anything on them. Cleanliness should be maintained strictly at public places like gardens, theatres, markets, malls, rivers etc

Cleanliness should start from our house itself. Our children should be taught the value of cleanliness, about its practices and benefits. In our busy lifestyle it happens most of the time that we start our week with a clean and organized house but after two three days we find unfolded clothes lying on a table, stacks of newspapers in the living room, unorganized dressing table and lot of unwanted stuff lying in the fridge. All these messy things can make us unhappy. But if we keep certain things in mind without getting worried about it then getting a clean house will be an easy chore. Remember it is not a one-time investment where we take immense efforts during weekends and forget about it. We need to set a routine and continuously think in a progressive manner like discarding unwanted things regularly or buying specialized items which can help in re-organizing things. As soon as we get up we should make our bed and then have a cup of tea or coffee. Kids should also be trained to keep their beds clean. Before going to bed we should organize newspapers, kitchen slab and ask the kids to pack their school bags so that next day morning when we get up, there will be a pleasant smile on our face. Mental cleanliness is as important as physical. One must not forget that if we are mentally clean our mind will always be peaceful and tension free. We should always inculcate positive thoughts in our mind no matter in what situation we are. Complaining and blaming others for any problem does not lead to a better future. Once we focus on taking positive actions we will find tremendous change in our life. .