Salient features

The present innovation relates to development of a device, methodology and waste treatment facility which. It treats various types of organic waste including but not limiting to, in any aspect, cooked food, vegetable, fruit and garden waste etc. It provides a greenhouse with carbon dioxide and/or heat obtainable from fermenting and composting vegetable, fruit waste which significantly reduces the time and space required for the purpose of composting.

Waste to Wealth-Present Innovation

What are the benefits?

No additional quantity of water required.

Process 10 times faster than conventional biogas digesters.

Saving in power as this technology consumes less power compared to other method of composting.

Cultivate and ensures Social responsibility among community not only corporate and in all individuals.

It enriches soil fertility of all farms, villas, landscape areas for growing grasses, vegetables, fruits, ornamental, fodder grasses..etc

Waste to Wealth--Advanced Solution

An automated integrated organic waste treatment system

Product is mineral rich manure useful for agriculture

Ensures substantial reduction of collection & transportation cost of waste materials for municipality as these materials are being composted at the source itself.

Waste is treated in the vicinity of its generation, by the waste creator, at the time of its generation. Hence onus of waste treatment & disposal in on the shoulders of waste creator (Large eating houses & even halls)

Product Analysis and Testing

Bio-gas – Combustible & burns with Blue flame in Bunsen / Gobar Gas Burner.

Solid Residue – Tested for N, P, K, C and heavy metals like Zn, Cu, Cd, Hg, Fe PH, Moisture content

The parameters are within acceptable limits of organic manure.

The properties are comparable with other organic manure.

The device is an Eco-friendly Integrated Project for Housing Colony/Municipality / Vegetable Fruit Market Waste Management

Any Effects on Environment?

No land filling required.No Foul Odor. Process is clean and user friendly. The area / Yards will become clean and free of obnoxious odour. It Will help to accomplish “Swachh Bharat” Mission.

Ensures least and negligible release of methane and Co2 gases to the atmosphere as the composting is being done at source immediately under closed system. Thus, it is ecofriendly comes under Carbon & methane sequestration.

Being an ecofriendly technology, eligible for availing Carbon funds under clean Development Mechanism.